Album Of The Year: 2016

2016 was the year music took over. So many great albums like Childish Gambino’s, “Awaken, My Love!” to DIIV’s, Is The Is Are. Some of the TM staff have selected our top pick for album of the year. Read below.

I’m the type of person that simply cannot, for the life of me, choose some things over others. It just doesn’t happen. Music, especially, emphasis this aspect of my character. Choosing an album of the year is an incredibly difficult task that I do not wish upon anyone simply because there is just too much good music out there.

I’d have to say, however, You Are Going To Hate This by The Frights definitely made the top of the list (along with various others!). The album starts off on a very strong note with “All I Need” and all its screaming and guitar-pounding glory. About 25 seconds in, however, the “noise” stops and paves the way for a doo-wop chorus with light vocals and a strong bass guitar – then resumes about 20 seconds later. This confliction between “noise” and light, airy pop themes is a running motif throughout the album, which creates an overall diverse and engaging piece. One of the best aspects of this album is the fact that every song (when played from beginning to end without shuffle) seamlessly blends together. You Are Going To Hate This is such a cohesive yet scattered piece that sounds entirely different from their past works while simultaneously holding onto the “Oh, that’s definitely The Frights” vibe. My favorite songs from this album definitely have to be “All I Need”, “Tungs”, “Puppy Knuckles”, and “Haunted” (in that order). -j

P.S. You should definitely check out The Frights live, if you get the chance. Hearing these songs live really made me realize what a great album it is!

Check out You Are Going To Hate This here:

From Hinds to Kid Cudi, 2016 brought so much good music despite all the ugly things the world has gone through. I’ve had so many favorites like, Whitney’s debut album Light Upon The Lake, or The 1975’s sophomore record, I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It. My album of the year goes to Chance the Rapper’s mixtape, Coloring Book. This mixtape is my go-to whenever I feel 100% happy and content in my life. I remember downloading a mixtape app before class and hearing the opening trumpet in “All We Got” for the first time. “This ain’t no intro, this the entree,” like what? Those lyrics are so “in your face,” and the choir accompanying it still blows me away. Track five, the first “Blessing” is super calm and smooth, but the message it delivers is beyond powerful. With Jamila Woods tender vocals and Nico Segal’s horns, it’s a soulful tune that provokes thinking. The Chicago native always delivers a “let’s have fun” vibe like in songs, “No Problem” and “All Night.” I listen to those two songs on full blast and let loose. However, songs like “How Great” and “Finish Line / Drown” make warm hearts because everything is around me is forgotten, and it creates a deeper connection. -y

Listen to Coloring Book here:

2016 has been a rough year for us all, no doubt, but music was the front runner of things that were actually quite good. There was so much mind blowing music this year it was almost too much to handle for me. The Burns Twins, A Tribe Called Quest, Donald Glover, the 1975, Rihanna, and so many more. Now A Seat at the Table by Solange Knowles really grabbed me this year and still has not let me go. Every tune on that record is just done so right, but this album comes as the closest second you could ever have to of course Blonde by Frank Ocean. This much anticipated sophomore record by Frank had me in tears. I have and will continue to listen to this record through and through everyday. Frank is truly a master at his craft and showed it in full in this album and there is no other true pick for me than this. It is truly a blessing to say there were so many options to pick from and if you have been living your life without listening to Blonde then get your ass on it right now! -v

Listen to Blonde here:

2016 had its ups and downs. It brought 2 of my favorite albums that I can confidently say are 2 of my all-time favorites. If I’m picking one, it goes to Joyce Manor’s, Cody. An honorable mention is Blink-182’s grammy-nominated album California, but to me it wasn’t the top candidate. Cody is an album that I find myself still listening to almost daily, all the way through. It’s one of those albums that you can spin at any given time and be content listening to the entire thing. Each song commands your attention and swiftly brings you along for the ride until you’re at the end of the album wanting more.  Songs like ‘Fake I.D.’, ‘Eighteen’, ‘Angel in the Snow’, ‘Reversing Machine’ and ‘Stairs’ (also ‘Over Before It Began’ but I’m trying to only pick a few) are the stand-outs for me, but honestly every song on the album holds a special place somewhere in my heart. -m

Listen to Cody here:

Happy New Year!

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