Artists To Watch: 2017

New faces for the new year.

Here are six artists you need to know in 2017.


Kali Uchis


Kali Uchis is one-of-a-kind in every single way. From her vocals to her music, she delivers indescribable feel good music. Her debut, Por Vida is filled with catchy soul infused pop songs. “Rush” is my favorite because it soundtracks the busy days of my life. Her songs are perfectly effortless and they’re super catchy. She has worked with artists like Tyler, the Creator and Kaytranada and I expect her next project to drop this year!

Listen to Kali Uchis below.

Rex Orange County


Vanessa and I fell in love with the sound of Rex Orange County while at the Illegal Civilization film release. His song “Paradise” caught our attention in the film and it stuck with us ever since. His latest release, “Best Friend” blew me away. I was watching the sky filled with puffy clouds and it fit the mood perfectly. The sound is original and the way the song is built is surprising. When the beat drops and the drums got louder, horns appeared and all the emotions of the song were flawless.

Listen to Rex Orange County below.

Declan McKenna


My local radio station always does a segment of artist on the rise, and one day I heard this song called “Brazil.” I was immediately intrigued due to the guitar riff and a squeaky squishy-like beat. Declan McKenna knew how to capture attention in an instant. He’s sound is delivers alt-indie vibes that deal with serious subjects. His use of juxtaposition is brilliant because it took me a lot of listens in order to understand “Brazil.” The song talked about the countries inner problems no one was a dressing.

Listen to Declan McKenna below.

Jamie Isaac


I don’t recall how I found Jamie Isaac but I’m glad I did. His music is a mixture of R&B and electronic, but each song is put together with such care because each detail is heard. Each detail, like the beat or piano has time to shine. His voice is full of emotion. It’s heard in each song. His soft tone with a a calming jazz production is relaxing. It may be freezing cold, but a day with Jamie Issac sets the mood for complete bliss, no matter the weather.

Listen to Jamie Isaac below.



Khalid’s soulful R&B sound Khalid portrays is soothing. With I first heard Khalid’s voice, I knew it was something special. He smoothly transitions from tone to tone, and it’s impressive. In “Hopeless,” Khalid shows off his vocal range and his falsetto when he sings, “ooohh” is dreamy. He’s an artist on the rise. Khalid’s debut album, American Teen is set release March 3.

Listen to Khalid below.

Kevin Abstract


A member of the group, Brockhampton, Kevin Abstract is a pop star that continues to inspire. His sophomore album, American Boyfriend deals with teenage situations that most of us don’t deal with. He gives a voice to voiceless through art. The song “Miserable America,” he deals with the topic of sexuality and its reactions openly. And the production with the acoustic guitar and the beat drop is insanely good. The addition of “I don’t care,” repeating and the fast pace at the end gives the song more power. It’s beautiful because it’s songs like these that opens discussion! We need it in times like this.

Listen to Kevin Abstract below.


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