Bad Suns: Disappear Here

Disappear Here via Bad Suns on Instagram.

Disappear Here via Bad Suns on Instagram.

Remember that one band that made a song about heart failure?

After a two-year hiatus from the music-making scene, Los Angeles alt-rock band Bad Suns made an incredible comeback with their newest album titled Disappear Here. The anticipation for Bad Suns’ sophomore album first came about in June of 2016 when the band began tweeting things like “We are pleased to say that we have completed our second album.” and posting teasers featuring the main track from the album, “Disappear Here.”

By late June, the promo for preordering the album was in full blast. Exclusive bundles including t-shirts, CDs, vinyls, and pins were selling out and fans were going crazy trying to find the hidden tickets and/or vinyls the band would place throughout various cities. Soon enough, the music video for the title track, “Disappear Here” was released and appreciated by over 91,000 people. Almost immediately after the release of the music video, a teaser was released for the second single off the new album, “Heartbreaker” and, on August 22nd, the world premiere of the new tune made its way onto Zane Lowe’s show on Beats 1, a renowned internet-based radio station on Apple Music. “Daft Pretty Boys” was then released merely a week before the release of the album itself.

To sum it up, the hype for this album was incredibly real.

On September 16th, 2016, Bad Suns finally dropped their second album – and “it ain’t too bad, son.” *

The 13-song album is full of songs that disguise a sad story as a wonderfully dance-able tune. I think my favorite part of this album is how much was put into each and every song. In addition to the meaningful and well-thought-out lyrics, the instrumentals are simply unbelievable. One track that emphasizes this fact over the rest is “Love Like Revenge” which starts off with this really cool extraterrestrial videogame sound, then goes straight into this groovy drum beat that introduces a fun trumpet – which all end up merging together for about 10 seconds. Suddenly, lead singer Christo Bowman’s voice kicks in over an almost muted Galaga rhythm and a steady drum beat as he sings about how he “swallow[s] all of [his] fear” and how “there’s no good in lies you want to believe.”

I also really appreciate how much their sound varies throughout the album. In contrast to the excited tone of “Even In My Dreams, I Can’t Win” with all of its guitar solo and backing vocals glory, “Maybe We’re Meant To Be Alone” has more of a nostalgically blissful rhythm. Nonetheless, both songs still maintain the kind of tempo you can nod along to.

Overall, Disappear Here is a remarkable album with underlying themes of lyrical sadness hidden between detailed and varying instrumentals. These features are merely emphasized by the unmistakably alluring backing vocals. This new album is a huge step in a great direction from their debut album, Language & Perspective, and shows that Bad Suns is capable of much more than just a fun summer album. -j

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*Quote taken from my roommate, Ciara Giordani.

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