Camp Flog Gnaw 2016 – Recap

Camp Flog Gnaw 2016

Camp Flog Gnaw 2016. Shot by Vanessa.

From 2,000 attendees in the first year to an estimated 50,000+ attendees in just a matter of a few years, Tyler, the Creator’s 5th annual Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival took place in USC territory. As I walked into Exposition Park for my 3rd year in a row for this music festival, happiness extended throughout my body. With my Illegal Civilization, (Illegal Civilization consists of a skate crew, skate videos, short films, and clothing by the one and only, Mikey Alfred) backpack in tow and my friends by my side Camp Flog Gnaw had commenced.

Kevin Abstract with Vanessa.

Kevin Abstract and Vanessa.

After seeing Tyler almost mow down some fans because they bombarded him on a golf cart, I headed over to the Flog stage for Rocket Da Goon‘s set. His energetic set started off the carnival just right, and Kevin Abstract kept the good times going with his set following after. Not only was this my first time finally seeing him live, it was Tyler’s first time. I talked to Kevin before his set and he expressed his nervousness. Not to my surprise those nerves did not get in the way from him putting on a fantastic set and putting his American boyfriend twist on it.  Then we set our paths off the the Illegal Civ booth so I could snag the limited edition Camp Flog Gnaw t-shirt. The Internet was next on the line up at Camp stage and as usual they never disappoint. Playing hits off of their Grammy nominated Ego Death. A special performance of “Palace/Curse” took place with Tyler, the Creator himself. He came out on stage to perform his part and that was a dream come true for me.

Chance the Rapper came next and I was a little disappointed by the crowd I guess, the vibes were off and created for 7/10 experience during his set. A$AP Rocky followed bringing out the whole ASAP mob on stage for a lively and solid set. Tyler, the Creator’s set time had come and I ran up as close I could, without being in the mosh pit of it all. It was a set I have seen twice before, I am less mad at that and more mad at the boring crowd I was around. Nonetheless “Telephone Calls” off of Cozy Tapes: Vol. Friends- was performed, which I was so glad my predication for that happening came true. For us that concluded our first day and we went home to rest up for day two.

Wyatt Shears of The Garden.

Wyatt Shears of The Garden. Shot by Vanessa.

This day started off with a bang going straight to see The Garden, a conceptual punk band from Orange, CA. Getting covered in dirt and moshing with Tyler was a highlight during their energetic set. After that, I ran my ass over to see my girl Kali Uchis because I have been wanting to see a whole set from her for a long time now, especially after seeing her perform with Tyler at the Illegal Civ art show last Spring. She was fantastic and adorable as she performed gorgeous covers of “Sabor a Mi” and “Suavemente.”

Kali Uchis. Shot by Vanessa.

Kali Uchis. Shot by Vanessa.

Taking a long break filled with Action Bronson’s F**k That’s Delicious food truck and carnival rides we headed over to start edging our way through the crowd to get a good spot for the mysterious “to be announced” twenty minute set time. This meant sitting through Pretty Lights which I will link you too just in case you might like them, but I was on the opposite side of that spectrum. Anyways Anderson .Paak was next, who comes from Oxnard (shoutout to a fellow 805 buddy), his set was just insane. From the talent he had on the drums to every song being packed with energy, it was a set not to miss!

Tyler really blessed everyone this weekend. We should be appreciative of him getting the very special and legendary Erykah Badu to perform Sunday night. To say it was an unreal and beautiful experience is an understatement. Badu brought tears to my eyes as her beautiful vocals spread through the audience, it truly was a special moment in my life to see her perform live.

Then the anxiety hit in as she walked on stage because who was next? NOBODY KNEW, the TBA was next on the Camp stage line up and rumors have been spreading on who it would be for days. Some people said Frank Ocean (which was honestly was dumb to me people thought that but okay) or Kendrick Lamar or perhaps Kanye West again. I had not been trying to get my hopes up on anyone, but the night before I saw that my boy, Earl Sweatshirt, was at the carnival and my brain started sticking on the idea he would pop on stage. I thought maybe just for “Orange Juice” during Tyler’s set, but we were all again truly blessed with the rebirth of EarlWolf for a whole twenty minutes of going absolutely wild in the crowd. The dynamic duo that is Earl and Tyler together is like no other.

We finished day two with Death Grips, which to my surprise I actually really liked them, something I never thought I would say. As their set ended, so did another music filled amazing weekend hosted by Tyler. I just wanted to take a moment and say that going to this every year is a huge inspiration and proud fan moment for me. Tyler, since day one took his, “fuck what other people think” attitude and created his own empire off of his ideas. From his music, clothes, and his self curated a popular music festival, he never ceases to work at what he wants and make it happen. Thank you Tyler for everything you do because I need all that you have brought into my life. Cheers to another insane year. -v

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