February 11, 2017

Happy February!

This month has been busy so far, but there’s always time for music. This month brings new music from Sampha, a singer songwriter from South London. His album Process is the perfect example of vulnerability. Vince Staples released an upbeat single, “BagBak” which was out of his range, but it flows effortlessly. There is still much more music to come. By the end of this month, Steve Lacy and Hippo Campus are set to release their projects.

Artist of The Month: Syd, of the group, The Internet.

Syd is 1/6th of the group, The Internet and she branches out in a new zone for her debut album, Fin. Her vocals never fail to amaze the listener. She did a complete 180 twist in music choice but her soothing voice fits any style. I absolutely love her tone of voice. It’s delicate and slithers into the listener’s ear when least expected. Her style is straight up and polished pop with a hint of R&B. Her debut ranges from hard production in “All About Me” to “Dollar Bills” a guitar driven pop, with the help of her bandmate Steve Lacy. It’s a family affair with the members of The Internet, and it takes a lot of maturity for each member to support everyone’s own projects. That relationship grows stronger, and Syd proves she can maintain both solo and group relationships without any problems.

This month’s playlist includes Vince Staples, Childish Gambino, Sampha, and many more. -y

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