November 2016


The past week has been very unexpected. After the election on Wednesday, many took to the streets to protest. It was out of anger and fear, but just know that this man will not tear us down. Many of us now are closer than ever. To those who are still in fear, don’t worry, we will stand next to you and fight. Here are some songs to make you feel good and to make you think. Let music and love take over. Listen here x.

Location // Khalid

Big thanks to Zane Lowe for exposing listeners to different tunes. I’ve been obsessed with this song ever since. Khalid’s deep vocals that fit the soft R&B song and the song itself is catchy. Had the pleasure of catching his first ever performance at ComplexCon this past weekend, and he killed it. At only 18, Khalid is just getting started and I’m excited to see what comes next.

Father, Father // Jay Prince

The beginning of this song starts with a full on passionate gospel choir, and at first I wasn’t sure of how a transition would occur, but Jay Prince exceeded my expectations. The receptive vocal beat hit and everything came into place after that. “Father, Father” is the song you play to lift up your party. It won’t fail you because it’s that good.

Telephone Calls // A$AP Mob

Telephone Calls is the hype song everyone needs on in their life. The baby-like beat throughout the song fits A$AP Mob’s aggressive raps. And Tyler the Creator’s verse in this song is pure ego. He’s straight up flexing about himself and no one can hate on that.

Hey Girl // Lady Gaga Feat. Florence Welch

This song is for all my ladies. Lady Gaga couldn’t deliver this song alone, so with the help of Florence Welch a conversation is held throughout the song about empowerment. As of today, love unites us and these two ladies deliver the message of helping each other out instead of tearing each other down.

Love$ick // Mura Masa Feat. A$AP Rocky

The beat in this song sets an upbeat mood for your entire day. The Electronic influence doesn’t overshadow Rocky’s voice in this song. It compliments and breaks to give space when needed, unlike other songs that keep going beat after beat.

Caroline // Amine

This song is always stuck in my head. I could be in a quite room and the lyrics pop up in my head and i start feeling the song. It’s incredible. This is song is straightforward on feelings but the way it’s played with beats, it’s on another level.

Me and Your Mama // Childish Gambino

Childish Gambino latest single, “Me and Your Mama,” is the definition of game changer. He went from rapping to a soul empowering vocalist. The song starts smooth with choir vocals and a all of sudden the listener is hit with these creepy guitar chords. Then Gambino’s vocals transcend you to another planet. Chills crept up my arms on the first listen, and now I need December to come sooner to dive into full length album.

She Don’t Really Care_1 Luv // Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys never fails the music world. This song sticks to her roots. She empowers women of color through an R&B tune with a 1,2,3 beat. The second part of this song shows how Keys has never accepted the fact of being a queen. I love the simplicity of this song because listeners then focus on the lyrics a bit more.

We The People…. // A Tribe Called Quest

Their first album in 18 years released this past Friday, when the world needed it the most. A Tribe Called Quest’s second song off the album, “We The People….” is fitting and their lyrics always get listeners thinking and inspire change. We are reminded of their authentic sound and how they’re OGs in the game.


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