Vince Staples: Prima Donna

Prima Donna via Vince Staples on Instagram

Prima Donna via Vince Staples on Instagram

Vince Staples is not someone to be slept on, so if you have been up till now, then you are about to get woke one of the rappers that are truly a standout in their craft. Staples stems from north side Long Beach, 65th and Obispo was his territory. He gained some recognition towards his way when he worked on projects with rappers like Mac Miller and Earl Sweatshirt. In October of 2014 his first EP Hell Can Wait  dropped which had one his more well known singles “Blue Suede” on it. Then followed his first album Summertime ’06 in 2015,a true ode to growing up in Long Beach. The album brought new key Vince tracks such as “Norf Norf” and “Senorita.”

Now roll right on into late August of 2016 with the release of his second EP Prima Donna. I was very excited for this release because your girl somehow miraculously got her way onto the guest list for a party that was an album release/short film preview for Prima Donna. I listened to the new EP all day to prepare myself to be able to actually tell Vince my thoughts on it and he did not disappoint. Vince really throws you for a loop with “Let It Shine” that has his almost rough but melodic voice cover the infamous song, but what you are not expecting is the transition from this soft tune to an in your face track like “War Ready”that does not hold back. Some standout tracks are hands down “Smile” and “Prima Donna”. The in your face guitar that rips throughout “Smile” is a beautiful mesh to the track and something you normally do not expect something like that in a rap album. Vince really brought different influences into this EP which shows the diverseness in which Vince grew up in. I once listened to an interview where Staples said he does not make music unless he has something to say, he does not just produce music for the hell of it and that reigns true in this EP. From lyrics at the end of “Prima Donna” that are voiced in that almost drowsy, rough, and melodic voice saying “Fed up with the gun violence, Fed up with the old rules, Fed up with the youth dyin’, I just wanna live forever..”.

Vince is with no doubt in my mind one of the most intelligent rappers in the this industry by far and I am always excited to see what is the next chapter in Staples life and in his career. This was a solid release by the Long Beach native and it will not be the last. -v

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